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Adapter for call center not found

Error: An adapter for your Call Center was not found or could not be started. Please contact your Salesforce.com administrator to rectify this issue.


I installed the CTI Adapter Version 3.0 yesterday on my machine and I uploaded the Demo Adapter to my developer org. It was working fine yesterday, today I get the above error. I have tried repeatedly the same steps over and over again, uninstalling/reinstalling both the CTI on my machine and the Demo Adapter into salesforce.


Anyone have any sotutions to this issue?





Did you add yourself to the call center?


Go to Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Call Centers


I bet that is the issue.




Hi Trimble,


I did have myself added to the Call Center.


I resolved my issue by following these steps


We were initially using a third party vendors softphone kit, was Toolkit version The CTI Toolkit Demo that I installed was version 3.0.1. For some reason the older Toolkit was overriding the new version, rendering incompatability with tehe Demo CTI toolkit from SF upon uninstall the old version I was getting the Adapter not found issue.


Upon a PC reboot and manually opening the new Version 3.0.1 Adapter everything is working now.


Thank you for your suggestion.