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Quick question on leads, queues and notifications

If I assign a Lead to a queue using the API, by assigning its OwnerID to the Id of the queue, no email notification seems to be fired which is annoying. Is this expected behaviour?


If I created a lead using the API but instead of assigning its ownerID to a queue, I specified a specific assignment rule, so that the lead is put into the right queue rather than directly, could I expect the email notification then?


It would be tedious to have to generate my own notification messages.




Does your queue have a Queue Email address?  Is "Send Email To Members" turned on for the queue?  One of these two things has to be defined for an email to go to the queue, otherwise Salesforce.com doesn't know who to send the notification to.

I have tried it with a Queue Email address, with Send Email to Members turned on and with both turned on. It doesn't send out an email.

I'm having the exact same problem.  The queue is set up correctly.  When dispatching a case to the queue in the standard SalesForce interface I can select the "Send Notification Email" checkbox and an email is sent.  (Although it doesn't mention the queue, only that it has been assigned to me.)  However, when I do this via the API, I don't get any notification.  The case does get properly dispatched to the queue via the API, but it can't get any notifications sent out.


Is there something in the API that we need to check similar to the "Send Notification Email" checkbox?


Also, I'd like an escalation rule to fire if the case remains in this queue for one business day.  I can figure out how to do the escalation rule but not how to get it to trigger by being untouched in the queue for this time.


Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you do need to set a switch in the API for that -- check out the API docs on EmailHeader.

Doesn't work, but thanks, werewolf - it does look from EmailHeader docs like it should work.


When I upload through API to a queue, no emails go out notifying queue members or queue emails whatever I've tried. I'm resorting to generating my own notifications.


Tip to anyone else using EmailHeader for other reasons. If you upload a case and have EmailHeader.OtherEmails set to True, you MUST have a ContactId set on your case, as it will try to use Case.Contact.Email not Case.SuppliedEmail.


If you want to be able to upload Cases which may or may not be tied to Contacts, you will need to disable this EmailHeader. 




I also looked at the EmailHeader which didn't seem to help.  I ended up resolving this by using Statuses that are only activated via the APIs.  I was able to get the standard notifications to fire an alert when a case went into any of these statuses.


I also can't get notifications to go out when a case gets dispatched to the queue.  I'm working with SalesForce Support on this.