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Round Robin assignment rule not being called on.

So i have a small two person round robin test tule set as my active assignment rule. The rule works fine for webl-to-lead leads or if leads are manualy created. But importing leads through the lead import wizard or by my custom emailtolead apex class does not use the active assignment rule. So what gives? Any thoughts on why my round robin rul ewould not be called upon when importing or inserting anew data to the database?




Via the API, you have to tell it to use the assignment rules using AssignmentRuleHeader.  In Apex you have to do the same thing, but it's in the DMLOptions class.
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Cool that should help with my emailtolead apex class. Thanks. Now i just have to find out why the round robin assignment rule doesnt work with the import wizard. If it just is not going to work that is one thing but I thought I was told by some that it should work.

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