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Will All Application developed in Force.com are Multitenant ????



I am planning to develop one web application for my organization on force.com.

Before starting , I would like to know that my application will support multitenancy  by default or do I need to include something to enable this feature. 


Please provide detailed response. I am glad to develop application with multitenancy feature without implement anything :) :) :)



Thanks in Advance,

Brijesh Thakur 


Multi-tenancy means that there is only one instance of the system that is being used to host everyones applications.


You do not have to worry about this at all as it is all there for you and nothing has to be done about it other than developing on the platform.


Thanks admintrmp,


One More Question :- Suppose I have developed one web application.And luckily, I got multiple clients for that Web Application. How will I sell it to them. I am talking abt how my application will come to know that this perticular user is belong to this Organization. How my application will authenticate users , who are using my web application from different organization.


I got the concept of Multitenancy. How I will apply if I develop web application on force.com.


Please give me detailed answer.