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record type-unable to delete

i created 3 record types on Lead object.

the problem is i cannot delete those record types..


the error that i get is "This record type cannot be deactivated because the following profiles use this record type as default.   1. Customer Portal Manager 2. Standard Platform User"


there is no option in those profiles to deactivate the default record type.


if anybody has faced such a problem..please provide solution here..


thanks in advance..


Go to the profile and click the Edit button under Leads in the Record Type Settings section. Move the Record Type you wish to delete from Selected Record Types to Available Record Types. Go back to the Record Type, make in Inactive and you should be able to delete it. Keep in mind these Record Type Considerations.


Hope that helps,



hi Sati,

thanks for replying :)


i beg to state that lead does not appear in the record type settings in the customer portal manager profile.


here is the screenshot:


 lead error


in additon to that..we dont get Leads on the 'Standard Platform User' profile..



please help..


thanks in advance :)



Your screenshot is not showing up for me, but I'm not sure what's happening here. Leads is not available in the Platform and Portal Profile. I'm out of ideas, you may want to log a case about this.





could anyone else please contribute to solve this error..thanks..

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Old thread, easy fix.


This record type (that you are trying to delete) must have been selected as the default record type by at least one profile. This is why you are not allowed to deactivate or delete the record type.


You must edit each profile that points to this record type and point the profile elsewhere for its default record type... another record type, or changing back to 'Master' works.


Lastly, if you have 50 profiles using this record type as a default record type, well... I believe you will have to edit all 50 profiles manually ;-) perhaps there is an efficient way to do this for a large number of profiles but I have not found it.