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How Can I Achieve Multitenancy Practically on Force.com

Hi All,


I came to know that all application developed in Force.com are multitenant. But How can I achieve it practically.


For Example :-  I have developed one Application on Force.com. Now I want to sale it to multiple clients. How can I do authentication for different users of different organizations for my application.


1. How will my application can identify that the user has logged in is from ABC organization.

2. Where I can assign number of users of  the perticular Organization.

3. What if , I want different data for different Organization in same application.


I am clear about multitenancy. Please clerify with detailed answer of How One can achieve the multitenancy so that one application can be use by different oraganization with customizable UI.


 Thanks in Advance,

   Brijesh Thakur 

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You can just package up your application and distribute it to your customers. Each customer will get a new instance of salesforce.com when they install your application. And since each username is unique across all salesforce.com subscribers, the application knows which organization a given username belongs to. And that individual organization (ie instance of salesforce.com) will get a specified number of licenses that are purchased.


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