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Is there a way to run .EXE file from SFDC?



I have a situation where I need to run .EXE file from the command line to generate a software license key for our products. I need to run the exe from salesforce after accepting input parameters from user.


Please let me know if there is way.








You cannot run a .EXE file on salesforce.com's servers.


One option would be to write an HTTP or web service on a server of your own, which you could invoke from Salesforce using Apex web service callouts.  Such a service would allow your Salesforce process to obtain the license key, and store it to the database, email it to your customer, or take whatever other action is appropriate.


Another solution might be to rewrite the license key generation logic as Apex code, so you no longer need the EXE file.


Has anyone found license key generation software that integrates with SFDC, or written some APEX code to handle this?  I'm looking to use various product configuration settings to build a license key that can be stored on an Asset.  I haven't found anything on AppExchange that handles this and wonder if anyone else has integrated with a third party tool or written code to accomplish this.