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Getting Data out of SFDC and into Oracle

I'm  new to SFDC so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered.


I need to get data out of SFDC and into an Oracle database where I can run quires to combine the data from SFDC with other sources (like SAP). I also want to set up the data extraction from SFDC so that it is done on a daily basis without human intervention. I have in mind getting something like a flat file from SFDC that I can read into Oracle using PL/SQL. If there is a way to connect directly to SFDC from Oracle that would be great.


So my question is what is the best way to accomplish what I am describing above. How do I get data from SFDC and into an Oracle table? How do I schedule this process so it runs once each day?


Thanks for you help!


You can setup data extraction to occur every night using Data laoder from command line.Below is the link.




After you have the data extraction you can then run a job to load this information to your oracle database.


Let me know if this helped.





Depending on the amount of data in your salesforce organization, you may want to reach out to a salesforce partner like IBM for an integration tool that can simplify this process.

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I think SFDC Data Loader might be what I am look for and I have been looking at the documentation. The one thing I have not found is how do you tell the Data Loader which data you want to down load? Is it possible to down load data between to given dates? Do you know of a link to documentations that explains these details. Thanks again for the help.