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How to show certain values in a dependent field to only certain profiles?



I have a controlling field TYPE with a dependant field SUBTYPE. I want to add two options in the dependent field that is only visable to 1 record type (or a defined set of profiles).





My boss, said we can do this- since we're making additions to only 1 controlling field column. I thought this was not possible because if you make these additions availible to a controlling field option (via the field dependency matrix), then anyone who can see that controlling field (via record type) should see the options. (the intersection thing from https://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/fields_dependent_field_considerations.htm )





1. I don't get why this doesn't affect ALL record types that have that controlling field selected in their profiles? - so if I have profile A and B, both have access to that controlling field- Why are the dependent fields only exposed to A and not B?


2. how do I implement this? Thanks, -Das Noob.


You cant do this to a profile level, you can do it to a record type level though.


So therefore if you have multiple record types you can actuall go to them and select which values for a perticular field are available.


Hope this helps.




Thanks for your post. 


I get that you can do this using record types, but as I said in my post I don't get the why or the how. Can you clarify those?




The how is:


Go to setup, then go to customize, find the object (Cases,Opportunities, ect), expand the object list and then click on record types.


Click on the record types name and it will bring you to a list of fields. Here you can edit what option show on that field for that record type.


The why is:


Because profiles only determine what level of access you have to that object, field accesibility controls what you can do with that field, and record type determine what data is stored on the record type.


Hope that helps,