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My Domain Setup


Using My Domain, you can define a custom Salesforce domain name for your organization that highlights your brand, or a different term that represents your business. Using a custom domain name provides important advantages, such as increased security and better support for single sign-on. My Domain is also available for sandbox environments. You can only define a custom domain name one time.


This is from Salesforce.com Help & Training - would like to know more about the advantages advantages mentioned INCREASED security and BETTER SUPPORT for SSO.


Any thoughts?





I have a same question, can any one help out.


If your creating a salesforce Site you can link your own domain. You can find the settings in: Setup > App Setup > Develop > Site

Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

I am looking for what is meant by means of INCREASED SECURITY and BETTER SUPPORT for SSO through My Domain?


Well essentially because you have your own domain you have have your own SSL (hense increased security) and better SSO because your using your own domain name rather than salesforce so it improves your SSO becaue your name is in the domain.


When you are doing SAML SSO into Salesforce by starting with a Salesforce link (login page, deep link, Outlook Sync URL, etc.), Salesforce will not know in advance what Identity Provider you need to use, since it does not even know yet what Organization you are trying to SSO into. This process is referred to as SP-initiated SSO, and is distinct from the scenario where you start SSO at the IdP and send the identity information to Salesforce along with SAML protocol information that identifies your Organization and your IdP (IdP-initiated SSO). For generic login page setups, SP-initiated SSO requires that the user do an IdP-initated SSO  at least once first so that Salesforce can set a cookie in their browser identifying the IdP. 


When you use My Domain, since the target hostname at Salesforce is unique to your Organization, the correct IdP data for SSO can be looked up immediately from your own SSO configuration. 


Use of My Domain when you have multiple Orgs (either production or sandboxes) allows your users to use exactly the same Salesforce Username for all of their Orgs.  This makes doing SSO against your IdP-side credentials (AD, LDAP, Integrated Windows Authentication, etc.) easier since there is only one IdP identity per user that needs to be verified. In the best case, this means that one SSO login at one Org will allow that user access directly to any of their other Orgs without a new login. 


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Jessica RidgewayJessica Ridgeway
I set the domain before we changed our name. Can I change it? It has not been deployed.
birajalaskhmi madalabirajalaskhmi madala
Hi I was attending trailhead module"Lightning Components Basics-
Before You Start ".I tried to change the "MyDomain" but on Salesforce classic mode.But after chnaging the domain and save it i am unable to login from almost 2 days now login is not happening with the new Url.
note:-I was using gmail account to login to trailhead,Dont have a specific sfdc user login.

Kindly reply any one have solution.
Thank you