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Difference between Salesforce.com Enterprise and Force.com Enterprise



I am trying to understand what the real difference is between those two, I have checked other posts but still cannot figure it out.


I thought that the Force.com environment provided just the platform without anything relating to Salesforce standard objects and automation. So I started a Force.com Enterprise trial and actually all the Salesforce stuff is already there, so I don't get it.


There's got to be a difference since the pricings are 125$ per user for SF against 50 for Force.com.


Could someone explain please?


Thank you





Salesforce.com's CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud,[36] Service Cloud,[37] Data Cloud[38] (including Jigsaw), Collaboration Cloud[39] (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including Force.com).


Cost of each product of Salesforce Varies including that of Chatter..


Force.com is a platform for creating and deploying applications for the social enterprise. Because there are no servers or software to buy or manage, you can focus solely on building apps that include built-in social and mobile functionality, business processes, reporting, and search. Your apps run on a secure, proven service that scales, tunes, and backs up data automatically.


Price differrence is mainly due to features because you would take lot of time to built the functionalities provided in salesforce.com using Force.com....





I hope this clears..





Hi Tulika,


Your explanation does make sense, but when I connect to my trial version of my Force.com environment, I seem to have the whole Salesforce functionalty already, and all the features included such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Chatter...


So which features/functionality exactly don't you have in Force.com that you do have in Salesforce.com?




To know the difference between Salesforce.com Enterprise and Force.com


Please follow these links its give u a clear idea:-