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AppExchange Application Versions

Is the AppExchange suppose to recoginize deltas between different versions of applications that I register?
Such as new custom fields or new objects from the previous version I submitted?

Thanks in advance,
My experience with Appexchange is that it's not versioning software. You can submit a new version of your app, but it's considered separate. There isn't an easy way to create a new version, and have your appexchange listing use it, and on the client end, you can't upgrade to the new version of an app.

If I rev one of my appexchange apps, I email my appexchange contact at sf.com and have them move my new code into the existing listing.

Ron HessRon Hess
Managed versions of app packages is on the "roadmap" and may or may not be available in upcomming releases, as specified in the safe-harbor statement.