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Email to case - contact email not being populated

We have just set up the Email to Case functionality and things are working, however, the email address of the original email is not getting populated in the case.  Should it be?
For example, if user@mail.com sends an email to our Inbox and that email is dropped into SalesForce as a new case, the email address of the user (user@mail.com) is not getting dropped into the case.  I would assume this is supposed to be dropped into the case.  Is there something we need to set up to make this work?
did you ever find out how to populate the email address field in email-to-case?
We had the same problem. I believe email to case only logs the emails of contacts that exist in the system. So if user@mail.com does not exist as a contact, it shows up blank.
 I figured the same thing recently that Email2Case agent doesn't populate the email address if it's not in our contact already...

 But it doesn't make sense to me...  Do we need to go back to the "Processed" folder every time we received the email from our customer to find out sender email address???   Is there any way (any toolkit?) to generate a new contact when we received email from new customer?

 I've been working on setting up Email2Case agent for my company, but it has been slow process since I can't find any good documentation about functionality and configuration.

 I would really appreciate if anyone can help me find the good link about E2C functionality and/or workaround to populate the email address/contact when receiving spport email from new customer.

 Thanks in advance!


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I haven't found any code that creates a new contact when an email is submitted from email to case. However, it doesn't sound like it would be too difficult to write it. 

Email-case does pick up all emails from your email alias. It just doesn't show up in the  contact name.

The way we use it, if an unknown contact sends an email, we reply asking them for their contact details since they obviously are not customers.

You might also want to use the latest email to case agent if you haven't done so. http://www.salesforce.com/developer/projects_toolkits.jsp#Java_sect

Thanks Ryan.

How do you guys reply to your new customer?  Do you go back to your support email reader and reply?

Or is there any way to send the reply to customer via SalesForce?

I haven't been able to find the way to read the original email via SalesForce site. I thought I read there is a way to do so tho...

Any info will be appreciated!


We were having this same problem... Then we realized by looking over the page layout that there is a Field called "Web Email" which is sitting in the "Web Information" section of the page layout.  By default this section was minimized, so we just over looked it.


So, look at a case that has the Contact Email address missing, then expand the "Web Information" section and it's probably in there.


If you wanted to, you could create a bit of APEX on an insert trigger that looks for this situation and creates the new contact and ties it into the new case.