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Which one is best Developer Edition or Free Edition.

Which one is best Developer Edition or Free Edition. Actually i want to create a Domain in Cloud platform.Then create a public website. And give it  to others.(they will not have any Salesforce Account, Simply they open browser and see their webpage). For that in which Edition I can create domain...Developer Edition or Free Edition.(Why sales force confusing like this...both are for development only....also both are free...Actually which one is for Development??)






Developer Edition is free for life time but there is user limitation in it. DE can have only 2 users and there is no sandbox environment.

Free edition is free for one year only(I am not sure why they have mentioned "FREE"). It can have 100 users and has sandbox, production.


I had the same confusion. Its not solved completely.


Users means us(developer) or our customers???


This is my Scenario......I will create a domain and create a website and give it to other organisation......In that Organisation may be 2 Manager or 100 Manager.....


So if I create a public site and give it to other organisation means 100 managers will use my site regularly......for my case which is best for Domain creation and Website development??.......


Also what is Sandbox Environment?? what is the use of it  ???


Plz clear my doubts..............

Scott WrightScott Wright

Go for the developer version for the following reasons:


You can have different versions:










Also the object quantity limitations will drive you nuts in the Free version


Another way of putting this is the Free version is for business people who do not code and the development version is for those that do code.




I too have the same confusion.

My scenario is I wanted to create a public website in which 100s of users may be registering. How force.com charge me?


Hi Prav...For your Scenario Customer Portal in force.com will Suitable....I am also searching about that.......