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Problem in sharing/publishing dashboard

I have created a dashborad which contains few reports. I have created few roles. One role is for viewer who can only view the dashboards and the other one is for developer who can edit the reports.

Than I have created few users and given them the access to the dashboards, but when they logged in into the sales force, they were not able to see the dashboards.

Any help, what may be missing.


User Permissions Needed to:


view dashboard->“Run Reports” AND Access to view dashboard folders


To create, edit, and delete dashboards:->“Run Reports” AND “Manage Dashboards”


Thanks for your reply.

But I didnt find any link as "Manage Dashboards".

How to set the required permissions.


 go to:

set up->administrative setup->manage users->profiles


click edit on the left of the profile u want to modify the permissions

on clicking edit u can find the required permissions there u can check or uncheck 



I have crated 2 objects (Games and Revenues) with these 2 i have created a report (Name:- Daily_Breakdown), the report is correctly added in the dash board, and is correctly seen in the dashboard.


Then I created a force free a/c. And given all the access to the user. the report (Name:- Daily_Breakdown) i found in view dashboard->go to dashboard list->volunteering-Daily_Breakdown.


When I am selecting Daily_Breakdown report ,  the displays


Insufficient Privileges


You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. 


Profile setting for the user are below




User License force.com free                                                                                       Custom profile (Checked)

Custom App settings

Sample App Volunteerforce (default)

(Unchecked ) Overwrite users' personal tab customizations

Tab Settings

1.Standers Tab Settings :->All Tab are Default On

2.Custom Tab Settings  :->All Tab are Default On


Administrative Permission :->Everything is Checked

General User Permission :-> Everything is Checked

Standard Object Permission :->Everthing is Checked

Custom Object Permission :-Everthing is Checked


Kindly  help me. What m I Missing here…. 


Having found this post first, I eventually found this solution to my problem.


My dashboards had "View dashboard as" set to the (SA) user that had a "User License" of "Salesforce" but the users that I wanted the reports to appear for had a "User License" of "Salesforce Platform". Changing the :View dashboard as" user to a "Salesforce Platform" user fixed the problem.


Pity the error message makes no mention of the root cause.





your answer makes the most sense. All the permissions and security etc. do not seem to cause the problem that's described here.





In my case,  I had to give "Manage Dynamic Dashboards" because some of the dashboard components were user specific.


Thanks for figuring this out. I was tearing my hair out. :}