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Modify Public Solutions HTML Code

Hello All,


We recently launced a solutions page for our customers by generating the HTML code through the Public Solutions feature in Salesforce.  The solutions display in an iframe on our page and everything is functioning correctly except for the fact that there are two unwanted columns that are visible to our customers, they are 'Number of Related Cases' and 'Last Modified Date'.  


I searched for a way to remove these columns as we do not want our customers to be able to see them.  I couldn't find any documentation around this so I submitted a case to Salesforce Support, whereby I was told that I needed to modify the HTML code but they could not tell me how and subsequently pointed me to the developer board.


Here is the HTML code that is generated -


<IFRAME title="Content" src="http://na4.salesforce.com/sol/public/search.jsp?orgId=00D300000006JjL" WIDTH="515" HEIGHT="360"></IFRAME>


Any ideas how I can modify the Public Solutions HTML to remove the two columns? 


Thanks for your help.



Support steered you wrong in this case: the HTML generated by the Solutions public knowledge base is not actually modifiable.  The other public knowledge base, the Salesforce Knowledge one, is modifiable to your heart's content, but it's not free either.

Thank you for the reply. 


I find it odd that the Number of Related Cases column shows up by default.  Seems counterintuitive to put that in there.


I will see if I can change the text color of those columns to white via the CSS layout.  If so, I'll let ya'll know just for future reference.


I've been wanting to customize my public solutions to look like "http://wiki-developer-edition.ap1.force.com/" but editing and changing the default layout has been less effective. Is it possible to do this with the standard public solutions, or do you need the paid feature form SF?






From what I can tell you'll need the paid version to do that.  

Thank you for your reply,

My company has purchased the "Enterprise Edition" of SalesForce but we are only able to change fonts and colors. When trying to edit the layout using a CSS stylesheet I'm unable to properly change the layout due to the table configurations SalesForce auto assigns to the page.

it ends up looking like this: http://na7.salesforce.com/sol/public/search.jsp?orgId=00DA0000000HD4P

Is there an additional piece i should purchase in order to customize the public solutions in a more pleasing and useful format
He is referring to Salesforce Knowledge, which is not included with Enterprise Edition.

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 I found this link on the SF site "http://www.salesforce.com/servicecloud2" i believe this is what you are refering to, correct?

Yes, Knowledge is part of the Service Cloud product.

We have wondered for awhile if we could extend the basic public solutions functionality in order to more tightly integrate that content within our own site.  We would love to see examples of other SalesForce customers' more advanced implementations of public solutions.  If it's simply not possible, we will consider SalesForce Knowledge, but would also like to see public implementations of that, in the wild, for reference.






Public solutions are trapped in an iFrame. That means search engines can't find them, you can't use web analytics to find which ones are most useful, and  you can't publish individual solutions or easily provide a customer with the URL for a particular solution.


I've been investigating using Knowledge, and putting it in a public knowledge base. This is an expensive alternative, both in implementation and paying for Knowledge. (Solutions are included in Enterprise Edition, Knowledge is extra $$$.) I'm about ready to throw in the towel. Converting the apperance and navigation of the Sample Public Knowledge Base to anything that'll resemble the rest of our web site appears to be a huge undertaking, and potentially very brittle as new releases come out.


If I've got your attention this far, please go promote https://sites.secure.force.com/ideaexchange/ideaView?c=09a30000000D9xt&id=08730000000BqNKAA0.  Maybe, just maybe, Salesforce will start hearing us scream.

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I was able to get our public knowledge base to blend seamlessly with our website, appear to be on our domain, be searchable using our site search, indexed by Google and recorded through Google Analytics.  I was also able to remove some unwanted features, such as the related cases column.  Salesforce's KB HTML code is extremely poorly written and it takes quite a bit of data manipulation to fix the issues that are present, but it can be done if you have the time and patience.  You also have to be aware that Salesforce updates (like Summer 10 for us) may require slight modifications of your code to keep things as you want them to be.  I honestly think this is Salesforce trying to extort money out of its customers by making the 'free' public knowledge base so crappy and hard to use that the customers will be forced to buy their 'Knowledge' solution,  I also recently noticed that the Printable View option in the KB is no longer working if you have HTML solutions enabled, very sloppy.  Anyway, back to the point, the way I did it was through ASP using a server XML object.  Here is some basic code to get you started, you will need to replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the OrgId of your company and na2 with your instance of Salesforce if you are running on a different server.



currentURL = "http://na2.salesforce.com/sol/public/search.jsp?orgId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

Dim objXMLHTTP, xml, text

Set xml = Server.CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

xml.Open "GET", currentURL, false


text = xml.ResponseText



Set xml = Nothing



You will need to use QueryStrings  to retrieve and pass the data that is returned by Salesforce which is then passed in your own URLs.  The data from Salesforce is retrieved using XML on your ASP page and I used the VBScript Replace function to swap out or manipulate parts of the code I did not want.  I have also spoken to other's using Salesforce that have done the same thing using PHP.




I am adding a google custom search to our website now and I am looking to do the same as what you did.


Ccan you supply more sample code for this?




Hi there,


Salesforce will not let me post my code as it claims that it is over 20,000 characters although MS Word is telling me it is only 19,873.  My code is actually more the 20,000 characters, but I shrunk it down to be under 20K but Salesforce still didn't like it.  Probably some extra code they are adding behind the scenes like they do for the public KB.  Here is a link to the KB on our website, so you can see what I have done in action.




If you can provide an email address, I will email you the code I am using.




Thanks for the link your site, my email is michael.ogilvie@pixelink.com.




As much as we love Salesforce, their knowledgebase / FAQ / documentation / public support options suck (and the new "answers" / "ideas" / "knowledge" products are overpriced and inflexible).


We went with Zendesk:





I have a question to you:

You said in your response: "you can't publish individual solutions or easily provide a customer with the URL for a particular solution"

This is something I need to do:

I can bulish my solutions for the customer to search for, but I want to send a particular solution to the customer, without letting him search. Do you know of a way to do it?


Thank you,




Hello GorhamGuy,


I noticed in this Discussion in 2010 that you had offered to share code regarding Public Solutions.  I am with a company that does education software and we have recently used Public SOlutions but are encountering some of the limitations you address.  As you point out, SFDC says the only solution is to upgrade to Knowledgebase and possibley the new Community customer portal.  While we are willing to look at those, we would prefer not to be pushed into upgrading at this time.  Are you still willing to share the code?


Here is a link to our current Help Center:



Thank you for your post!



Cheral Stewart

CRM Administrator