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Lookup Formula using Prior Year Record

Hi all,


I was wondeirng if it would be possible to create a field lookup formula that would look at another record and return the value.  We have a custom object called Administrative_Tasks__c and within it is field with a percentage in it (Top_Heavy__c).  Currently, employees have to open the prior year record, look to see if Top_Heavy__c is greater than or equal to 60%.  If it is, they update the field Top_Heavy_Prior_Year__c in the current year's admin task with a Yes.  Administrative_Tasks__c are related to our Opportunities and each opportunity has an Administrative Task created at the beginning of each year.


Opportunity A:

- Admin Task 2008

- Admin Task 2009


The AdminTask name follows the format (OpportunityName-Year) so OpportunityA-2008 and OpportunityB-2009.


The ultimate solution would be to look at the value of the prior year's AdminTask's Top_Heavy__c.  If this value is 60% or greater, the current year's admin task record's Top_Heavy_Prior_Year__c field should be Yes.  Otherwise, no.


Sound doable?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Your question is a bit confusing, Can you please explain it again?

Though it looks like that formula field can solve your issue!