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Want to use an "ADD" button to build a list inside Cases



I am a "newbie" to SalesForce.comI want to modify my case page layout to include a button that allows you to build a list like a datagrid in ASP.NET.


For example, I have a drop down list of "products" and I want to choose a Product - say - computer xxx from the list then click the "ADD" button and it populates a list with a couple of additional blank text fields.


Layout would look something like this:


Product | Product Number | Replacement Part

CPU-XXX     "blank"                   "blank"



Product Number and Replacement Part would be blank text fields.


Would I need to create a custom button to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.





You would definitely need to create a custom button. For displaying the produvts as grid, you will need to use visualforce pages. The logic of which would be writte in its controller class. This visualforce page would then be linked to the custome ' Add' button. This is just a conceptual overview. It will require a lot of coding.