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Jason JJason J 

Creating formulas in custom fields

I would like to create a formula in 2 custom fields that first appear on our Accounts page.  One currently has a picklist and the other we enter text directly.  I would like to copy both of these fields into the exact same custom field that appears on our Contacts page.  Is this possible?


Let me get this right, if field 1 says apples and field 2 says red, you want field 3 to say red apples?


Convert the picklist to Text first using Text(Picklistfield) and u can use the text field as it is using merge fields.

Jason JJason J

Field 1 is a picklist where I can choose hospital, billing company, specialty group.  Field 2 is any type of text directly entered into the field.  I want to copy the contents of each field (from the accounts page) into a duplicate field on the contacts page.


So have you tried a cross object formula? Maybe I am missing something but it you want a fields results to appear from one object to another this would be best, however the record that your displaying the information on would not be editable on the contact page.


From contacts, create a text formula field, click on Insert Field button then select accounts and find the field you want displayed and just double click; then same that formula. For the picklist you will have to conver it to text in order for it to show the select value TEXT(ISPICKVAL(Demo__C)


Hope that helps.