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Creating a View withinin one Object when one of it's fields match the field of another object


My custom list view is in an Object named Candidate. In that Custom List View I want to autopopulate the "Value" field? I want to add the location of a field from a different Object. How do I do that so that we don't have to manually fill in the Value everytime because it changes several times per day.


Here's an example:

for Object: Candidates

Field                       Operator                   Value

Position Title         Includes                   Object: Open Positions Field: Position_Title__c


You can access only fields of same object for which you want to create view. So in my opinion there is no standard way to achieve this.


You need to restructure the application, create a lookup relationship between both objects and create a formula field in the object for which you want to create view. This formula field fetch the data from other object’s field. Now you can access this formula field in a view.


Hope this helps.


Thank you Pradeep! I took your advice and I have a lookup relationship in Candidates to lookup the field to be matched within Open Position object. The field to be matched in both objects has the same name (field name: Position Title) and values (Accounting Manager, Controller, CFO, etc.) from which to select.

The problem arises when you try to create a new View: there is no selection for matching any fields ... only matching "values" within fields to a field name selected. I dont want to have to type in the actual field value everytime I need a match between Candidate Job Title and Position Job Title. Any idea how to populate this with a forumula or something?


Thanks again!