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Workflow Rules and Issues with Deletion of Records

I'm integrating our SF application with other in-house applications using the Outbound Messaging web service functionality. I want CRUD operations on the data in our SF.com application to be reflected in other integrated applications. It works great for scenarios where I'm creating or editing records - automatically generating outbound notifications. However, I've not been able to create a workflow rule (which outbound messages reply upon to trigger them) for deletion of records. I'm using standard objects, such as contact and account.

When creating a workflow rule, the 'evaluation criteria' is:
When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria
Only when a record is created
Every time a record is created or edited (I'm using this)

I would have expected that deleting a record would be identified as an edit in the above options? If not (and it seems not) how can I create a workflow rule to fire when a record is deleted? I.e. how to I create outbound messaging to autnocally fire for all CRUD operations (not just create and update)?


Also, what is the purpose of the IsDeleted flag in outbound notifications payload if it's not possible generate outbound notification with the IsDeleted flag set to anything other than false?! I'm not talking about the IsDeleted API here, I'm talking about outbound notification generated on an insert or update operation on a standard object)