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storage limit


"Enterprise Edition provides 20MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user. Unlimited Edition provides 120MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user. For all customers, the default minimum storage amount is 1GB of data and 1GB of files."
The above is quoted in the datasheet for using force.com platform. Can someone clarify what the minimum means?
Does it mean that if i have 2 users i will get 1 GB + 20mb *2 for each additional user  (assuming i am using the  the enterprise edition of the platform) giving me a total of 1 gb and 40 MB.
Also, what is the approx price to purchase additional memory.

I understand it this way :


If I have 4 users, limit will be 1 GB. However if you'll get 5 users , your data limit will be be 1.02 GB.


Purchase price of additional memory is always negotiable. Depends upon your customer success manager.

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