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Web-to-Case and attachment?????


   Has anyone try to do a web-to-case and within the form give the ability of uploading an attachment to that case???

I can not seem to figure it out?

Any thoughts???



You cannot create a web to case attachment with out of the box configuration. You will have to develop a custom form to do web to case attachments. This can be achieved in few ways:


a) Create a custom Apex Class that using WebService methods that can be called from your Java or C# application page.

 - The form that would be built will first process creation of case, Once the case is created, you will upload the attachment file which where the parentId of the attachment record is set to the newly created case.


b) Use Ajax and a custom form to achieve the same functionality.


Hope this helps.


Hi Thank you for the reply back... Wanted to know if you had an example of the Custom Apex Class calling a webservice.... Or point me to the right direction for it...




Neha AggrawalNeha Aggrawal

Not sure if you are still looking for solution, but I have written a blog post about this here: http://initaura.com/attachments-for-salesforce-web-to-lead-part-i/
The solution uploads the file on the same web server as the web form, and updates the link of the file on the lead record in Salesforce.
Let me know if this helps.