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Workflow/Approval Custom Help!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We got the bulk of our workflow/approval process built, but there are a few items that we need help figuring out.


1).  Except for disabling the component on the homepage, is there a way to disable the 'Approve/Reject All' feature when viewing the Items to Approve by selecting the 'Manage All' button?  We're not comfortable with the users being able to just select all and then approve without actually going in and reviewing.


2).  Is there a way to require a user to put comments in when they reject a record?


3).  Is there a way to customize the approve/reject page layout?


We have not dug into visualforce or apex coding yet, so if it does require some of this type of build, we're not opposed to it, just may need additional assistance or point us to the proper references.


Thanks in advance!


You can change the approval page layout, for this try searching "Configure Approval Request Page Layout" in help & training


Unfortunately, the customization that we were looking to do was to have the approval/rejection screen have two columns (or even three) rather than the one.


Also - is there a way to limit what is shown in the record history?  For example, we would like to hide the record lock/record unlock records.  The record history is going to grown quite fast due to the way we have to implement this approval process.