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Reset Ideas Voting

Im looking for a way to update/reset a number of the submitted Ideas voting total back to 10.   My use case is that I've received a number of Ideas regarding my product and they have been voted on.  I have chosen to implement a handful of them and would like to start the voting process over again, to help prioritize them.  Is there a way I can reset the Idea value of any record back to 10?  Can this be done via Apex or do I need to perform this via a data loader exercise?




There are a couple of ways to do this.


1. You can delete the Vote records associated to the Idea in question.  Every Vote record you delete is equal to a single point.

2. You can delete and re-create the Idea and start it over

3. You can create a new Idea Category (like "Implemented") and then assign the current Idea to the new category.  You can then create a new Idea in the main category for the new round of voting.  At the end of the second round, you can then merger the two ideas together (which will merge the votes together and keep a running total)


I would reccomend #3, but it depends on your implementaion.