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Help! Update a date field on Opportunity record from Account record


I'm new at trying to figure out formulas and it's obvious!  Can you please help me figure out how to enter the formula on a custom formula field to display/populate the correct date value onto the oppty?


EG, There are severasl fields for the different contract renewal dates on the Account record.  I'm trying to display the contract renewal date based on the picklist on the Oppty and pulling the corresponding renewal date from the Acct. 


Here is my latest attemp:  STILL to no avail. :smileysad:

This is a FieldUpdate workflow rule on the OPPTY object:


CASE (Lead_Product_Line__c,

"JD Edwards", DATEVALUE(Account.JDE_OneWorld_Renewal_Date__c),

"PeopleSoft", DATEVALUE(Account.PeopleSoft_Renewal_Date__c),

"SAP", DATEVALUE(Account.SAP_Renewal_Date__c),

"Siebel", DATEVALUE(Account.Siebel_Renewal_Date__c),

"Oracle E-Business", DATEVALUE(Account.Oracle_Renewal_Date__c),"")



Here's my failing attempt:


IF(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Product_Line__c, "JD Edwards"), Account.JDE_OneWorld_Renewal_Date__c),null,
IF(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Product_Line__c, "PeopleSoft"), Account.PeopleSoft_Renewal_Date__c),null,
IF(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Product_Line__c, "SAP"), Account.SAP_Renewal_Date__c),null,
IF(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Product_Line__c, "Siebel"), Account.Siebel_Renewal_Date__c),null,
IF(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Product_Line__c, "Oracle E-Business"), Account.Oracle_E_Business_Renewal_Date__c,null))))))