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Email-To-Salesforce Customization

If an email is sent to a client contact and the sender BCCs their "email to SF" address, the e-mail goes into an unresolved Task.  This task automatically defaults to being related to an opportunity, although if SF identifies the client contact's e-mail address as one logged in SF it will automatically associate the Task to the Contact Record.


Is there a way to configure the email to SF feature to detect a Case # and automatically associate it to the Case?


If a link like the following is present in any mail coming into salesforce:-


Click on the link to access the case:  https://na1.salesforce.com/5003000000C6Jm7


It that case salesforce automatically associates the incoming mail with the associated case.


Hope this helps.


We've tried the suggested method of adding the case link to the email in question and sending it to our email-to-Salesforce address.  Although the email shows up as an Unresolved Email in our Tasks, it still does not relate to the case at all.  Is there no way to accomplish this?