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How to sent an Attachment with the Template??



I have multiple uploaded files inside the related list "Notes and Attachment" for the custom object.


I need to send an email to a particluar user with one selected Attachment...


Now, i am not able to understand how can i select a particular attachment and sent it as an email???



Create one HTML type email template. here you can specify your attachment file but you can select only Shared folder files or local desktop files.



My requirement is as follows:


I need a button on the Custom Object Page layout, to send an email in a specified Template with an Attachment. Before sending the mail I need to select one attachment from all attachments that are available inside Notes and Attachment Related list.


Now, in order to achieve this

(1) i have create a Checkbox on the page

(2) Onclick of a detail page button.. i am running the javascript code to make the checkbox as true i.e. checked

(3) Create a workflow, when the checkbox is True i.e. checked and email alert will fire with the selected Email Template.


Now, i am able to send an email with a template but.. i am not able to understand how can i select and relate attachment with it.



i will have to follow another approach to fulfill the needs...


Please let me know the way of achieving it...