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Possible To Add Fields to RequestUpdate Function?

Wanted to know if its possible to add fields to the "Request Update" button?  This button is currently part of contact object and enables the quick updating of demographic info.  Can we copy this functionality and add a custom button that does same thing but with dozens more fields?


You can't "copy" the function, as it is built-in to Salesforce. It is also not customizable except the header and footer text. However, you can build your own version. You'll probably want the following items:



  • Custom button to send the email.
  • Visualforce page if you want to allow custom editing before sending the email (like the standard version).
  • Email template or send email logic in page noted in the prior bullet.
  • Visualforce page to allow people to place their responses directly back into Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Sites configured to allow the prior page to be accessed publicly.
  • Custom fields if you want the accept/reject functionality from the standard version.
  • Visualforce page that implements the accept/reject logic.
This list is certainly not exhaustive, as you might need a few more moving parts, such as custom Last Request Sent/Update fields, or perhaps even a Mass Send Request Update page. It is safe to say that you certainly could implement this if you particularly needed it.



I dont think so,

Because cntc/cntcupdate/responsecontactform.jsp and  /cntc/cntcupdate/contactupdate.jsp?who_id= are standard sf pages,


If you are thinking of building custom functionality, similar to "Request Update" it will require more effort.

sending Stay intouch email is simple one, but designing page similar to cntc/cntcupdate/responsecontactform.jsp is good challenge.







Please let us know if it is possible to send attachment with Visual-force e-mail template. For Accounting needs, we have to send Attachment stored under Notes & Attachments section of Sales form.


I am able to get Notes section easily but finding all the attachment and sending it with Visualforce tempalte I need help with