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Using dependent picklist fields on web to case

Has anyone been able to implement dependent picklists on either web to case or web to lead pages?  I noticed that SFDC Support has dependent picklists when we generate a case, but it doesn't seem to be default functionality for customers.

SFDC support is using the Self Service Portal, not Web To Case.


Nothing stops you from using dependent picklist fields in Web To Case, but you have to work up the dependency JS yourself.  Another option (or what will soon be an option as of Summer '09) will be to use Sites to make a Web To Case page -- that way Salesforce.com will autogenerate all the necessary logic for those fields.  This Quickstart wiki talks about how to do that.


Thanks for the clarification. 


Does anyone have samples of JS code to run the dependencies?

Gina Marques 20Gina Marques 20
looking for examples of this too?