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Mixing user licenses

We have an application that can be published using OEM edition.   We are targeting companies with large numbers of users:

1)       Most will simply use our application “as is” – with built in reports, forms, capabilities

2)       Some would like to be able to create new reports, dashboards

3)       Some subset of users would like full CRM capabilities, such as available in PE or EE


Some questions:

1) Can we deploy for one organization where some users are using the fixed OEM product, others use a full featured Salesforce license, and together access shared information?   If not, is there a workaround (e.g., Salesforce to Salesforce) and what are the limitations?

2) If not, can we use a mix of platform edition and PE/EE licenses. Obviously more expensive.  What are the implications?

3) If an organization wants to extend the solution on their own – new reports, new fields – will users of the OEM product be able to take advantage of this?  If not, would Platform Edition provide these capabilities.




I can start to answer some of these questions.


1. Yes , you can deploy to a customer where some of their users are salesforce CRM users and other users use your custom Force.com application. Your application would be simply installed as a Package into their existing org. Additionally, you, as the ISV providing the application, can use the License Management Application to control that customer's access to your application. 


2. In a given org, you can have a combination of Force.com Platform licenses and full salesforce.com CRM licenses. But you can't mix PE and EE licenses since a given "org" or salesforce.com instance can only be one of those editions (Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition). 


3. It depends. If you OEM your product on the Force.com platform, therefore selling the Embedded Edition, you can customize some aspects of your application. Yes you can add reports. Yes you can add custom fields. But if you won't be able to create new custom objects if you are OEMing your application. But if the customer has Platform Edition (ie Force.com licenses), yes, they can customize your application and build their own however they desire. 



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