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javascript code for a custom button not working


I have created a button that when the user clicks on it the value of a checkbox field is changed to true.


I created a checkbox field in the credit request called IsEmailSend.When the user click the button "send contact information"

I wrote a code that automatically changes this checkbox to true and then a workflow is fired and sends an email.


I have a problem with the code of the button. This is de code:



var update_CR = []; /*Declaring an array to pass the parameters */
var CR= new sforce.SObject("Credit_Request__c"); /* Declaring an object for the Credit request */
CR.Id='{!Credit_Request__c.Id}'; /*setting the ID of the object to the Id of the current credit request*/
CR.is_Email_Send__c = true; /* Setting the checkbox value as true */
update_CR.push(CR); /*pushing the updated object in queue*/
result_Update=sforce.connection.update(update_CR); /*updating the object*/
window.location.reload(); /* asking the page to refresh */



This button only updates the field IsEmailSend when Im logged as administrator, not when I am logged as any of my Sales Managers.

Could anyone help please?






I forgot about the permissions of the  field!