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Sanju maverickSanju maverick 

Create package from sandbox to production

There are diffrent ways of migrating data fron Sand box to production...Few that i know are


1---Eclipse galileo, version 3.6 etc

2--- Change sets


How to Install packages from Sand box and install to production...


Pls revert to this at earliest


Very important.



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Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Go to setup > App Setup > Create > Packages > Create new > All Components which you want to send to production > Click Upload > It will provide you a URL.


Copy that URL and paste it in new window > It will ask credentials > Provide production org's credentials > Install it.


All components will be moved to production .




Ankit Arora

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Sanju maverickSanju maverick

Hi Ankit,


Thanks a lot for the reply. We can migrate the data only if the organization has Managed packages only correct. What if the organization is having Unmanaged packages.


Is there any other solution if the org has un-managed packages


Thanks and Regards,