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Custom Objects in Talend Open Studio



I am trying ETL on data for custom objects in Salesforce Org. I am using MS Access to massage data which is really painful and suspicious because most of the versions of csv files are not supported in MS Access 2007. A random error " Could not find the file specified. Please check the extension of the fie" is thrown


I had used Talend Open Studio sometime back but could not import data for custom objects (called custom modules in Talend Open Studio). The error was something like "Could not recognize Object_Name. Please append __c if you are using a custom object."


Please let me know if anyone was able to import and export data for custom objects via Talend. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



Sumit KumarSumit Kumar

I am new in Talend.

Can you please help me in uploading the the data in multiple objects by creating job in Talend (ETL Tool) .

Please tell me the following steps.

Sumit KumarSumit Kumar

Try below link may you got yours answer