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Force.com page help needed - Displaying multiple objects and calculations

Prerequiste disclaimer:

I am not a developer but have been a Salesforce Adminfor 5+ years and can do some simple programming...


What I'm really looking for is some code that can help me understand how I might build the page because I'm assuming that someone has done something along these lines.


I am trying to create a single force.com page which contains a single table that pulls in calculated values from two different objects Opportunities and Sales Orders (which is a custom object we have that holds bookings information that comes from our ERP system.) 


The table would calculate and show:

1)  Total $ amount of Sales Orders by Account Region and by different time dimensions (current FQ, YTD, etc.)

2) Total $ amount of Opportunites by Account Region (same time dimensions)

3) Totals by Region for  Sales Orders+Opportunities


Kind of looks like this:

                          Sales Orders                  Current Forecast            Totals

Region 1         75,000.00                         125,000.00                     200,000.00

Region 2         50,000.00                         175,000.00                     225,000.00

Region 3         60,000.00                         150,000.00                     210,000.00

Totals            185,000.00                         450,000.00                     635,000.00


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




you will have to use a wrapper class


to know about wrapper class check out the following link