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Mikey CeeMikey Cee 

Quick Start not available

Hi, this is really annoying.  On the first page of the tutorial on creating our first force.com app:




in Step 4 it says to click the Quick Start button.  I don't have this button.  I only see the New and Reorder buttons.


How can I proceed?


It might be beccause you use the old look and feel of Salesforce (?)


Make shure that the new user interface is activated, for that go in the Setup menu to App Setup | Customize | User Interface, "Enable New User Interface Theme" should be checked.


Does it work ?

Mikey CeeMikey Cee

Nope, I checked and it's already enabled.  I also tried changing to the old theme just in case, but the option still did not appear.


I worked around the problem by creating manually what the quick start would have created automatically for me, but obviously this isn't the best solution.