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Leads Object - Find Duplicates Button Question

When you click on the Find Duplicates button you are taken to a Search for Duplicates Page Layout. On the top part of this page layout there is a list of fields we can check to find for duplicates, the list includes



Last Name



Email Domain



Out of the above list all except Last Name and Email Domain have their checkboxes defaulted on. How do I check off Email Domain by default?




go to Admin Setup on the Left hand side bar----> Security Controls-----> Sharing Settings----->under Org Wide Defaults, Click Edit --->now for the LEAD object, configure the Default Access to Public Read/Write/Transfer in the dropdown box and click save.


If you have no access to do the above, pls contact your SFDC Admin.


Regards CCN


Are you sure this will default the @Email Domain checkbox to True?


Seems like an odd way to get this to work......????


Thanks CCN,