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Mikey CeeMikey Cee 

Can access page as guest, but not when logged in

I have a page at /apex/Catalog that displays a small table showing rows from my Merchandise custom object.


I can view this page without logging in to my Customer Portal application.  However, when I do log in, I get the Insufficient Privileges message.  I guess this is because my Guest User has permissions to view the page, but not the user who I logged in as.


So, I go to Setup | Manage Users and click the user I logged in as.  I see he is in the Customer Portal Manager Custom profile.  I click through to this role, hoping to be able to set permissions on my Merchandise object.  However, I don't see anything about permissions on Custom Objects here, only for the Standard Objects.


1) Is this where I should be looking to try to resolve this permissions issue?  And if so,

2) How do I set up permissions on my Custom Object for this profile?




I think you have to add he access of that page to your profile, simply go to your visualforce page code , and click on security button on top and add that profile for access.