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List of records from visualforce page to controller



I used apex param function to transfer single string values from visualforce page to controller on a button click but what i want is to transfer a list of values from visualforce page to controller how ccould i do that




Take a look at the code below , I had the same requirement wherin I had to send 2 values to apex first the value of SignType and second whether it is checked or not and I did it through this .

<apex:actionFunction name="changeonCheck1" action="{!changeonCheck}" reRender="rnderOP" >
      <apex:param name="xyz" value=""  assignTo="{!Sign}"/>
      <apex:param name="xyzz" value="" assignTo="{!Check}"/>

	<apex:selectRadio onchange="getchkValue(this)"><br/>
       		<apex:selectOptions value="{!SignType}"/><br/> 

    function getchkValue(aa)

 Moreover you can read this awesome blog and this thread for precise information .

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I dint understand exactly what u did in u r code but for me i have to transfer all the account ids from visaul force page to controller.rIGHT NOW i am able to transfer one id at a time because I had to give apex:param in repeat tag.