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Proxy problem in Eclipse(Connection Refused)

Hi All,


my eclipse is working in outside my HP network but not working in my hp network.


for that i gave proxy settings as  web-proxy.corp.hp.com  8080  but it is not working  

now i am getting error as  connection refused.



so what is the problem?


am i need to raise request  to any body ? or what is the actual case?

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

contact your HP support they might have one proxy for you all


I first established a connection to Force.com using DataLoader - then I could connect through Force.com IDE.


I don't know if there was a thing were you first had to connect for Force.com using your passwordtoken then you could connect using Force.com IDE.


Or whether using Data Loader help me iron out type-o's.




In Data Loader->Settings->Settings:


1. Set Server host = https://login.salesforce.com  (yes - put the https in there)

2. Set Proxy host = web-proxy.corp.hp.com  

3. Set Proxy port = 8080

4. Enter your NT password creds for Proxy username,Proxy password and domain

5. Click Export

6. Enter your the passwordtoken version of your password. (If you don't have a password token you have to get one)

7. At this step if all went well you have a connection




Then in Force.com IDE


In Windows->Preferences->General->Network Connections


1. Set Active Provider to manual

2. For HTTP,HTTPS, SOCS set Host = web-proxy.corp.hp.com  

3. Set PORT to Manual

4. If you have a HTTP entry having a Dynamic Host - uncheck it


In Proxy bypass:


1. Check localhost

2. Check