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Custom Hyperlink - Create an event from case (works when not in service console)

I have created a custom hyperlink that only works when you aren't in the service console.  The hyperlink is on my case page layout.  


Here is the link - 


https://na5.salesforce.com/00U/e?aid=02370000001LDFh&anm=Operations+System+Alert+Calendar&evt5={!Case.Account}&evt3_mlktp="500"&evt3={!Case.CaseNumber}&retURL=%2F00U%2Fc%3FcType%3D1%26cal%3DOperations%2BSystem%2BAlert%2BCalendar%26cal_lkid%3D02370000001LDFh%26cal_lkold%3DOperations%2BSystem%2BAlert%2BCalendar&what_id=" &{!Case.Id} , "Create Event")&isdtp=vw


This works perfectly well.  It populates the event subject, the related to case, and assigns to a public calendar.  


evt5 = subject

evt3_mlktp = related to object

evt3 = case number


Does anyone out there know why this would not work when you are in the services console application?  The hyperlink brings up a new event page but doesn't pass any parameters and doesn't associate to the public calendar.