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Getting Started: REST API

We have a developer at our company that needs to get set up so we can integrate an external homegrown system with a custom object in our Salesforce.com instance.  I'm trying to understand what do I need to set up so this developer can develop and test REST API calls to pass data to and from that object in our SFDC instance.  We have Enterprise Edition.  I set up a Developers Sandbox on our SFDC instance.


Here are my specific questions:

  1. When I set up his User Profile in our SFDC instance, are there any special permissions that I need to give him access to to be able to develop using the REST API?  Are there any particular settings in his profile that must be set?
  2. Does he still need create a Force.com account to be able to develop against the developer sandbox associated with our SFDC instance?
  3. Is there anything else that I need to give him access to?

I apologize about asking this Getting Started question, but I read through many Getting Started posts in the community and the Getting Started section on Force.com and I couldn't find the answers to these questions.  Thanks in advance for any advice.


This might be a stupid question but have you checked here: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_rest/index_Left.htm#StartTopic=Content/quickstart.htm It should provide everything you need to know.
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What I'm trying to understand is: what are the settings on a user profile that gives someone access to our company's development sandbox and what else do they need on their user profile to be able to develop.  This is more of an Admin question.  None of the articles that I found on the Developer Forum could tell me what settings a developer profile should have.


Example, when I go to Help in Salesforce.com, the article says that to be able to do this, you need to be able to ..... and that list is usually associated with a set of permissions defined in the user's profile.  Is there something similar to develop?  Sorry, if these are dumb questions, but we don't have a sys admin for SFDC to help with this.

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I figured it out by searching on Answers in Salesforce.com instead of the Developer's Community. If anyone else has this question, then a couple pieces of advice:
- Search on Answers in SFDC for this topic - not in the developer forum.
- This article talks about priviledges for Visualforce and APEX: https://success.salesforce.com/questionDetail?qId=a1X30000000Ib9OEAS
- With Admin rights, you need to login to your Sandbox and create the user account in the Sandbox. The Sandbox has a completely separate list of users from your production instance of SFDC.
- I was not successful trying to edit the Standard User profile to give it the right to Author APEX. Instead, I cloned the Admin Profile and removed functionality from that profile for the developer.
- I found some articles about setting a different set of rights for the user between the Sandbox and the Production Instance of SFDC, but at this point, it was good enough. I'm not sure how much risk we're taking relative to our production data, but since this is just a Developer Sandbox, I'm assuming that we would replicate anything from the Sandbox to Production to help reduce the potential risk of deploying whatever we develop in the Sandbox.