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Chatter Answers vs Answers

What's the difference between chatter answers and just regular answers?




Scott :) 


The underlying objects are the same, so the API is common but Chatter Answers has a lot more features. Among the most notable: 

  - Federated search with Knowledge Articles

  - Private conversation with Agent in the thread

  - Email notifications

  - Multiple communities

  - Report Abuse mechanism

  - Visual Force for branding and customization

  - etc, etc..



So if the underling API objects are the same why doesn't regular answers support the same features? Can a regular answers community also be a chatter answers community?

The Answers API gives you access to the Question, Reply and Votes objects, not the features. Chatter Answers goes beyond those objects as a packaged App easily deployed through Visual Force.


It has its own UI and deflection across KB articles and Community questions, you can have Private conversation with Agents, which is not a feature of Answers at all. Chatter Answers supports multiple communities with their own set of questions and Articles, which Answers does not support. Users have Avatars, etc..


A regular Answers community could be converted into a Chatter Answers community yes, assuming the right license upgrade.




That makes sense, can Internal Salesforce Users and Salesforce Portal Users interact in the same Chatter Answers community?