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Data Migration from External CRM - ACT Advisor to Salesforce



Do we have a template/mapping sheet where we can have Mappings established between ACT database and Salesforce Schema?


Want to know :-


1) How data is migrated from ACT to Salesforce
2) When is data cleansing done?(before loading into Salesforce or after loading it)
3) Best Practices for Data Migration, Data Cleansing activities, etc
4) What are the things one needs to take care while loading data
5) Transformation Logic for fields having dates/picklists as datatypes
6) Any constraints from Salesforce side for datatypes like date fields etc to be in specific formats
7) Any AppExchange tools etc
8) Any other valuable information you can provide






I am not sure about ACT but in general when dealing with Data Migration, and especially if there are a lot of records, your best bet is to use DataLoader.


See this link: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Data_Loader