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update comment field

I have cases with status= "On Hold" and would like to know how I can setup a way to automatically update all those recs with a new public comment that also sends an e-mail to the contact on the account.

I have created a report to select all the correct records and saved them in excel with the field Case number(which is unique), status and description field. I added a column for comment and have updated the comment field with the text that I want in salesforce for each of those recs. I'd like to know how to have those recs updated with the new comment that is also going to be sent  to the contact.( just as if I were to manually click in the case on New comment, type the text and click make public and send email check boxes and finally save.  Any advice will be appreciated... if excell is not the way to go ... I'm also willing to try something in Crystal reports.


If you are going to update the comments in Excel and bring the records back into Salesforce, you need to take a look at Data Loader. It will allow you to map the excel columns to SFDC fields and update the records. If you want to concatenate old and new comments and put them in the same field, you can create a third column in Excel that will combine the comments, and use that 3rd column for mapping.


Hope that helps!


Here's one way to do it:


- Setup an email alert action on a workflow on the case object  that triggers when the field you mention is updated

- Create an email template that will take the case owner (or contact) and the comment you wish to send.

- Use a report to extract the caseID and excel to match the corresponding ID to your existing exported excel data containing the target records you wish to update (vlookup so as to find their matching caseID)

- Enable your workflow rule

- Use dataloader to update your fields

- Disable your workflow rule


This should send a bunch of emails to your desired contacts with the information requested.