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Reporting on Product Schedule Revenue?

I am trying to create a report that shows projected "product schedule revenue", by month, for each opportunity, and/or rolled up by sales stage, Business Unit, etc. We are a consulting/services business, so all the financial reports showing booking amounts for revenue are interesting, but not all that relevant for us.  We need to see the contract award amount spread over the period of performance, with revenue each month that estimates actual value earned.


Specifically, I'd like each row to be an opportunity name, OR possibly all the opportunites rolled into their stage (as a summary report version). The columns would be Jan 2010, Feb 2010, Mar 2010, Apr 2010, etc. - whatever months have projected revenue according to the product schedules associated with that opportunity. The data in each cell would then be the amount of "scheduled revenue" for the row's opportunity or overall sales stage. By this I mean that if the opportunity is worth $120K and scheduled to close in Jan 2010 (and expected to be a year's worth of work), I don't want to see $120K as a January amount. What I want to see is $10K per month in each month, which is what has been scheduled for the product within that opportunity.

I cannot find any way to report on the monthly schedule revenue like this.
Thanks for any advice.


Were you ever able to get any help on this? I think your question is a bit more complicated than mine- but I figured we might be able to work it out together if you were able to solve your dilemma. 


I'm just looking to pull a report on opporunities that are entered that span three months of a quarter. 


For instance, let's say I enter an opp that is called "Q4 Monthly Fees" and is $300K. We plan to bill $100K in October, November, and December. If I list a close date for 10/1, all the $300K will appear in Oct on my report, when I want to see it in Oct, Nov, and Dec. 


How do I fix this?




When you setup the report and it asks what type of report, make sure you select Opportunities with Products and Scheduling.


It appears that the out-of-the-box report type doesn't include that revenue field, making it very difficult to create a report that summarizes correctly.  If you enable revenue scheduling, set a product schedule for a given time period, you can get the results you need.


To do this, you'll need to create a custom report type: Opportunities w/w-out Products w/w-out Schedules, and edit the field layout.  Be sure to include the Revenue field, and then that's the field to include/sum on your report.

Don't know you have an answer to this question, but you may want to look at the app exchange app called REVview.
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Do anyone have a solution for this issue ?