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Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin 

How to view content of outbound soap message?

Does anyone know of an easy way (i.e. without setting up my own SOAP server) to view the content of outbound messages from workflow?


The admins at a third-party endpoint claim that the message is coming through but without one of the selected fields. I need to be able to test that without having to email them every time and ask "did it work this time?"


Is there a way I can send it to my sandbox's endpoint an see the content? Any free endpoints out on the WWW (I looked with no luck)?


Thanks for any help,


Hi Luke,

Did you ever find an answer for this one?   Am ripping my hair out today.



Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin

Hi Barb,

Sorry to say I never did find a means to view that content. The vendor with whom we were working solved the problem quickly enough that I did not need to pursue a way to confirm what we were sending out.