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Gotomeeting Integration with Salesforce?

I need to integrate Gotomeeting with Salesforce. There isn't anything on the AppExchange for Gotomeeting. Is there a good way to this? Has anyone else successfully integrated Gotomeeting into Salesforce?


Specifically, I need to be able to create an event in Salesforce (populating the SF calendar), invite people to that event (populating the invitees' calendars), and then create a Gotomeeting event, inviting all of those people to that Gotomeeting event.


Any ideas?





Well, Gotomeeting does appear to have an API you could use for this.  I've not seen any particular integration though.

I haven't heard of any Salesforce vs Go to meeting integration but I'd love to have since it would have made my salesteam a lot more efficient. 


I know that Citrix uses Salesforce.com so hopefully this integration is not far away.


If you are looking for online meeting, webinar and training integration with Salesforce.com, we have a product that integrates Adobe Connect called Connect Your Salesteam. www.connectyoursalesteam.com.  I know it doesn't solve your problem of integrating go-to-meeting, but maybe switching to Adobe is easier than building an application. Anyway, hope it helps and good luck.

Knoodle SalesKnoodle Sales

I agree. It's really cumbersome to export the csv files and import them into SalesForce.  We prefer GotoMeeting as a platform over Citrix.  If anyone has any suggestions to faciliate this?


You can use the GoToMeeting APIs to accomplish SF integration. The APIs are REST based and use Oauth. See this website for more information developer.citrixonline.com


Hi John,


If it's okay for us to toot our own horn, we've created a connector between salesforce.com and Gotomeeting. 


Here's a link to the listing on the Appexchange:

GotomeetingLink: Connector for Gotomeeting


It's a free trial, we'd be thrilled if you gave it a shot.  If you have any questions please give me a shout.  My contact info's below.




Dennis Lee






Daniel SissonDaniel Sisson

Hi John,

If you'd like to bring GoToMeeting into Salesforce you can get Click.Meet


One click meetings, sync GoToMeeting with Salesforce. 

Check it out.