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Migrating from Developer to Enterprise Edition

I have an application designed on Developer edition which reads from an external WSDL.

I want to move it to the Enterprise edition.

How to achieve this.?

What are the important points that should be considered before migrating.


An urgent help is required

John De SantiagoJohn De Santiago


Off the top of my head you will need make sure the following things are in check:


1. Proper unit testing code coverage. Make sure you have unit tests and that your codes i at 75%. Keep in mind that if you code is making an outbound callout that you will need to bypass that actual call out during unit testing. I usually add a flag to my class that can be set by my test method to skip over making the actual callout and allow it to return a mock response.


2. You can use the Eclipse deployment tool to move your code from Dev to any other Sandbox, or Enterprise instance. Just make sure that you not only include your code but any objects that you have added custom fields to. 


3. There are going to be some items that are better to migrate manually. If you are using custom settings then I usually migrate those first and then fill in their data since much of the code is dependent on that data. I am struggling to remember which items can not be deployed using the Eclipse tool but just know that if it isn't an option on the "Add/Remove Metadata Components" then you will have to manually migrate that.


4. After migrating make sure that you go into setup and add the Web Service url to the Remote Access sites list. Otherwise your callouts will be blocked.


Hope this helps get you started. This information is assuming that you are moving code from your developer instance to your companies enterprise instance. If you are trying to package this as an appexchange app then that is a whole other topic,