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Lookup filter criteria: only contacts from account

I created a custom object 'Incentive'. This custom object has got a master-detail relationship with accounts.

On the object there are 3 fields (contact 1, 2 & 3) with a lookup relationship to contacts.


I would like to set a lookup filter criteria on these 3 fields so that the users can only choose between contacts of the specified account.


Is this possible? If yes, can someone help me out with this?



Thanks in advance!




You can use Lookup Filter option for this purpose. Go to object’s detail page and in ‘Custom Fields & Relationships’ section, click on the lookup field of which you want to make filter, click on edit button. Now there is a section named ‘lookup filter’, in this section there is a link ‘show filter setting’, click on this link and define your filter.


Hope this helps.



Yea I know, but I was hoping somebody could help me defining this filter criteria..

I tried several options but haven't managed to find the right filter yet.

@pradeep... I've implemented the filter but when I create a record, my filter works fine but when I modify that record, I see only those records in filter search which I was getting while creating the record. I think this is a bug in salesforce... If you know the answer, please help...